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Being one of the most established law firms of Chandigarh, we have an elite clientele which includes both individuals and groups, based in India and abroad. Over the years we have expanded our horizons and reach and our practice areas include corporate law, family law, criminal law and property law. We have assimilated both formal litigation and alternate dispute resolution methods in our work approach. Since litigation as a profession and discipline is quite dynamic, we have to stay updated at all times and adapt as per the changing scenario and expectations of the clients. Over the years we have handled diverse set of cases and the most complicated sorts too. This has made us one of the most experienced and successful law firms of Chandigarh.

Our team of advocates legally represent both private individuals and corporate clients. Over time we have ventured into newer areas from the traditional fields of criminal and civil litigation. Our client base from the corporate sector is increasing with increasing commercial and transaction based disputes. We have both commercial creditors and debtors as our clients and we represent both the plaintiff and the defendants. With the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) gaining more traction, we also have lawyers well-versed in IPR law.

Since our inception it has been our mission to provide the best and most reliable legal services in the city. We owe it not just to our clients but also our profession to be completely devoted to every little task we take up and are totally fair and just in our dealings. Individuals who find themselves caught in legal troubles usually do not have much knowledge about the legal procedure and are completely dependent on the legal advisor they consult. This makes it clear that the position we hold demands a lot of responsibility and a lawyer is defined by his own honesty and integrity. It has been our objective to make it as convenient as possible for the client who is going through enough trouble already. Our law firm in Chandigarh upholds values and work ethics and our actions reflect the same. It is with sheer hard work and dedication that we managed to climb the ladder and become one of the most sought after law firms in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

Our Philosophy

We are a client-centric and result-oriented law firm. We believe in putting the client first. At our law firm, your problems will be listened to and solved diligently. Wise counsel needs thorough understanding of the matter, a planned strategy to achieve the goals and working single-mindedly on attaining the desired result. We understand that every legal matter is unique and different from the last or the next. Unique problems demand unique solutions. We have always adhered to the work ethics we believe strongly. Each lawyer on our panel might have his/her own way of solving the problems but we all have a shared vision and a philosophy which guides us.

Communication Clarity

The lawyer you consult should be able to clarify – not complicate – legal matters. Our laws and the judicial system is complex enough to confuse any layman. With our services, we seek to simplify that for our clients and hand hold them through the entire process. We’re proactive in our approach and responsive towards our clients. We keep our clients informed and up to date with every new development. We keep the interaction going at every level; right from the first meeting till the end of the legal procedure we have been hired to assist you with. We work as a team and we facilitate clear communication with our clients to build strategic relationships with them.


We align our strategy with the goals you wish to achieve. Once you have us manage your legal troubles, you can rest easy and leave the rest on us. Be it a lawsuit you want us to represent you or some legal advice you seek, we make sure that our lawyers do not simply state what they plan to do but also elaborate on the reasons why. Today, it isn’t enough to let someone do all the work for you, in a field where you are a novice. We make sure our clients have an insider’s understanding about what the legal steps we are taking entail, all the possible courses of actions and their pros and cons. We want our clients to make informed choices.

Quality and Depth

We recruit only the brightest of minds in the legal fraternity. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge and years of experience and learning. We deal with a broad range of legal issues. We advise and legally represent clients seeking help regarding family law, property law, criminal law, corporate law, industrial law etc. We have taken up some very complex lawsuits and managed to resolve them in our client’s favour. We make sure our services remain top-notch and the clients have a pleasant time dealing with us. Reputations are hard to build and easy to lose. Being in the industry since decades, we have never forgotten the ideals that got us here in the first place.


Every lawyer on our team has been practicing since years and has confronted complex legal problems with ease. Our expertise is unmatched and our track record admirable. We combine this in-depth knowledge with an unbiased perspective to give our client the best legal advice. We look at things in a holistic manner, taking care not to leave out any details. We are perfectionists when it comes to working and preparing and therefore half the job is done before the trial begins. As they say, “a good preparation is half the battle”. We make sure we have all the crevices covered and not leave any loophole for our opposition to catch onto. This unique outlook enables our lawyers to identify legal issues before they become problems. Thus, we can fortify our client from any legal trouble later.

Responsive and Proactive

We understand that clients need prompt and pragmatic advice. We take pride in being highly responsive, providing the requisite advice and services in an efficient and timely manner, without adding to the client’s burden. We are always there when the client needs us, be it onsite or remotely, just a single day or every day, at the client’s discretion. Our lawyers are a phone call away and available to answer any doubts or queries you may have. Since most of the clients have a vague idea about legal procedures and possibilities, our lawyers patiently answer all the questions. We understand that being caught in legal trouble can be very stressful. Coupled with insufficient knowledge about law, it is hard to repose your faith in someone. Therefore we make sure we are responsive and accessible to our clients and our relationship is corner-stoned on trust and confidence.

Efficient and Affordable

Clients prefer us for the quality of services at affordable costs. They benefit from the efficiency of our working – years of experience, deep understanding of your matter, low overhead costs and flexibility in our billing structures. We are transparent and honest about the costs and the clients are not taken by surprise in the end. We believe in keeping it clear at every juncture. Often the lawyers are given a bad name for unnecessarily prolonging the case work, asking for myriad additional costs, and not informing the client about the merits of the case and later saying that it was never too strong to be in client’s favour. Throughout the years we have been practicing, we work to debunk these misgivings of the clients and assure them they can trust us. Our actions speak louder than words and our wide client base is a testimony to this fact.

We have had the privilege of being associated with our clients for a long time and being the first law firm, they think of whenever they need any advice. Our clients have made us who we are today and we never let go of the values which made that possible.

Corporate Law Firm in Chandigarh

It has become more of a necessity than an option for corporate houses to have a permanent legal advisor within their work force. Legal issues pertaining to corporate and commercial operations are increasing with each passing day. Given the paucity of time to delve into such matters themselves it is advisable for the companies to seek legal services of an experienced advocate. We have some of the most knowledgeable corporate lawyers on our panel who have been legally representing some of the elite corporate clients for over decades. We take up disputes arising from legal trouble with the government or regulatory issues, contract enforcement and agreements and also industrial arrangements. Since intellectual property rights have been in limelight recently, we also have lawyers with specific knowledge and experience of handling IPR litigation.

Family Law Firm in Chandigarh

Family disputes are quite a disturbing and tedious occurrence for all involved. Family litigation is highly sensitive and dependent on the skills of the family lawyer consulted for representation. A miniscule error in the arguments and pleadings could decide the victory or loss of the case. Our team of family lawyers represents clients seeking a separation or a divorce. We also take up complicated cases pertaining to Section 498A and dowry related harassment. Since divorce proceedings aren’t limited to getting a divorce, we provide legal advice with respect to maintenance, alimony and custody rights of the children too. We value the family system in India and this is what guides us while we are engaged in family litigation. We also offer to negotiate and mediate between the parties before formal proceedings to check if any out of court settlement is possible.

Criminal Law Firm in Chandigarh

Our team of criminal lawyers has earned accolades over the years for successful representation in criminal cases. We help clients seeking to get an FIR quashed from the High Court or who want to get the proclaimed offender order quashed. Our criminal lawyers have been legal counsels of clients applying for bail, both regular and anticipatory. Litigation in criminal matters can get quite tricky and must be entrusted to a lawyer who has in depth knowledge and also a number of successful cases behind him. In case you find yourself caught in a dispute of criminal nature and want someone reliable to help you or you want a revision of your verdict, feel free to consult one of our criminal lawyers.

Property Law Firm in Chandigarh

Property disputes in India are infamous for dragging on for years and draining the individuals involved of their precious time and money. It is always been our endeavour to find the most expedient solutions to the most complex property disputes and get the client free from the tiresome cycle of hearings and appeals. We have handled property succession cases, disputes emanating from division of ancestral property, contentions about succession certificates with considerable success. Our property lawyers are quite sought after for legal representation in cases related to wills and estates. For quick and convenient resolution of your property disputes, our law firm in Chandigarh has the best of talent and experience at your service. For a hassle-free experience, you must seek the services of the best in field.


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